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Record-setting performance

STAC-M3 Benchmark proves eXtremeDB Financial Edition is the fastest time series database solution.

And twice the features

Including ACID transactions, clustering, type-safety, SQL/C/C++/Java/.NET support, and more...

At half the cost!

eXtremeDB Financial Edition pricing is reasonable and straightforward. Other DBMSs for financial...

New Tools for the Fastest Time Series Analysis


Capital markets impose unique hurdles for a database management system: not just Big Data, but Big Market Data; not just analytics, but a demand for intensive time series analysis that chokes typical DBMS and even in-memory database architectures.


eXtremeDB Financial Edition delivers groundbreaking speed by recognizing that the biggest gains come not from changes in storage (in-memory vs. persistent) but by optimizing handling of market data within the CPU itself. Columnar data layout maximizes the flow of relevant data into CPU cache. Pipelining vector-based statistical functions ensures market data stays near processing cores even when manipulating big data with complex operations.


Better still, financial systems gain this breakthrough performance without giving up key database system characteristics such as reliability, developer flexibility and low total cost-of-ownership. Download eXtremeDB Financial Edition trial software today to start making data management your competitive advantage!
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