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Record-setting performance

STAC-M3 Benchmark proves eXtremeDB Financial Edition is the fastest time series database solution.

And twice the features

Including ACID transactions, clustering, type-safety, SQL/C/C++/Java/.NET support, and more...

At half the cost!

eXtremeDB Financial Edition pricing is reasonable and straightforward. Other DBMSs for financial...

Fastest Time Series Analysis on Big Data/Market Data via SQL, Python

eXtremeDB Financial Edition delivers the most powerful solution for managing time series data (including market data) while maximizing developer productivity through open, developer-preferred languages including industry-standard SQL, Python, C/C++, Java, and C#.
  • Groundbreaking speed – Competitive advantage in trading via performance, groundbreaking speed as confirmed by audited STAC-M3 benchmarks and other tests
  • Columnar data layout maximizes the flow of relevant data into CPU cache and avoids flooding the cache with irrelevant data
  • Algos and complex calculations – Pipelining vector-based statistical functions ensures market data stays near processing cores even when manipulating big data with complex operations
  • SQL & Python – All features (including pipelining) fully accessible using SQL, Python, C/C++, Java, and C# (plus many more developer features)
  • Reliability that lets you sleep at night: ACID-compliant transactions and other safeguards
  • Trial software – Get eXtremeDB Financial Edition evaluation software plus full docs, demos, benchmarks and reports
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