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Evaluation Software & Documentation

If you’re interested in learning to use the eXtremeDB Financial Edition DBMS, start by downloading our Getting Started guide, which introduces the product and walks through installation and key features.

eXtremeDB Financial Edition Getting Started


Next, download the evaluation software

eXtremeDB Financial Edition 7.1 for Linux
eXtremeDB Financial Edition 7.1 for Windows 



To further explore eXtremeDB Financial Edition, we offer the following in-depth documentation for product capabilities, as well as demo applications.


eXtremeDB Financial Edition Documentation

Evaluator’s Guide
User’s Guide
Reference Guide
High Availability Addendum
Cluster Addendum
Java Native Interface (JNI) User’s Guide
C#/.NET User’s Guide
Transaction Logging Addendum
SQL User’s Guide
SQL Reference Guide
SQL Getting Started


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