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eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s Low Total Cost-of-Ownership

eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s pricing is straightforward and reasonable – and that is just one aspect contributing to its low total cost-of-ownership. When analyzing cost-effectiveness, consider all these characteristics:

  • Price is based on the number of servers used – not on cores, processors, sockets, concurrent connections or database size. Alternative DBMSs for market data typically cost twice as much (or more), our research shows. Another way of looking at it: a licensee can upgrade from a 16- to a 32-core server running eXtremeDB Financial Edition without incurring additional licensing fees
  • Product pricing includes all modules (Clustering, High Availability, 64-bit, etc.), eliminating the need to acquire additional software to gain capabilities
  • McObject’s support contracts include patches, updates and upgrades
  • eXtremeDB Financial Edition leverages standard and widely used programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, Python) so there’s no need to hire expensive programmers or consultants to work with a proprietary language, or to train your own
  • eXtremeDB Financial Edition’s highly efficient design and short execution path deliver maximum database speed at any level of hardware, often eliminating the need for server upgrades
  • When more hardware is called for, the product’s low-complexity clustering option enables system expansion by adding inexpensive (“commodity”) servers




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